Timbuk2 to replace my Crumpler?


I have been spending the past 2 hours ogling at a bag… its the Distressed Ballistic Messenger Bags from Timbuk2. It looks gorgeous…



It is like a crumpler.

This model has a more cool finishing than a crumpler (Like faded cloth kinda effect)

I like the design of this model more than any Crumpler now HAHA.

Its discreet and cant tell I am holding to my camera gears too.

Its waterproof though its fabric so my gears don’t get wet (similar to crumpler)

Its limited edition! (thats what they say…)


Splurge on this bag (but got to check out hw much wld e shipping me man) once I get a deal! *wink*
Timbuk2 Distress Fabric green
Timbuk2 Distress Fabric Red
Timbuk2 Distressed Fabric Blue


2 thoughts on “Timbuk2 to replace my Crumpler?

    1. Hey bro, sorry man. Not so sure where you can get it in MY. Try checking out if Amazon sells it cheaper?

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