Sunrise at the new road from Yishun Dam to… wherever~!

street singapore

This is the new road to Punggol (supposely I heard) connecting from Yishun Dam…

Took a sunrise from this angle as the Sun was rising from this direction and decided to include the prime movers that were constantly driving through this bridge to continue the construction that is still pending completion at the end of the road…

New Road from Yishun Dam

The skies were dull and cloudy at the point of time when this shot was taken, thus the gloom in this shot…
Enjoy, share and feel the sunrise I have taken. 8 )

030609 crane

Was initially finding a spot to take sunrise and this was a location I stopped by, trying to capture this crane with the sunrise behind… little did I know the sunrise would be behind me instead haha!

the Crane: exposure blended!

Another view of the crane with exposure blending.


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