Food photography at home…


Hmm, Woke up late today, had lunch and slept further again…

And decided to do Food photography for once (which I don’t usually like to cause I cant enjoy food well)

The thought to do Food photography was all thanks to Candice, who was initially thinking of passing the photography assignment for her design work to me (Well, the client didnt want to pay for food photography in the end BUT WELL, its okay… I am learning still something!)

Well, I tried shooting on Mum’s home cooked food…. If it doesn’t look as good, believe me… its better than it looks K… *salivates*

Equipment: Tamron 90mm F2.8 Macro lens, 1 desk lamp, 1 Nikon SB800, 1 Nikon D700.

Menu of the day:
1) Popcorn Chicken
2) Egg Toufu with minced meat, dried shrimps and chilli slices
3) Fried fish marinated with Soy Sauce, with Chilli filling within the fish

Popcorn Chicky!
Popcorn chicken

egg toufu
Egg Toufu

egg toufu
Egg Toufu


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