Macroing at Admiralty Park


After the Sunrise shoot at Fullerton, Bob wanted to test out his macroing thus we went down to Admiralty Park to get some MACROS!!! I have not been shooting it in a long while…. I am actually having a lack of patience, which Macro shooting requires alot!

I was only armed with my 50mm Prime lens and my Raynox 250DCR, thus I had to do severe cropping to get the composition I want. 8 )

Enjoy these few I have captured along the trail I walked today.

Green Buggy!
A crop of a green bug captured in some bushes!

Pink Flower
A pink flower of some plants among the bushes.

Yellow Flower
Another yellow flower along the trail

Yellow Moth
A tamed Yellow moth stands in my path and was allowing me to capture it for a couple of minutes before it flew away for good!

A small water droplets I decided to share, because of the leave that was curled up into composition!

Another tamed insect, the FLY or HOR SIN! haha

Group Photo of Kelly, Bob, Gilbert, Alan
Our Group Photo!!!!!

Thank you for viewing !!!


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