My Portraiture titled "The Angry Paparazzi"


Was toying around with Photoshop CS2 to postprocess a shot of me by Kelly Sim (taken on 28 June 09 during our outing)

Was using Selective colour to draw attention to ME (of course!) and cropping and darkening e background so that the subject (Me again, of course!) stands out more.

I am sorry if the little red speck of color left on the camera distracted you but… I am so Nikonian that I had to leave Nikon’s Signature there haha!

What I left alone was the skin texture so that it doesn’t look too fake here ( I did lighten my eyebags though)

Added a border to make it look more cinematic too..

So, did it work for u? Lets ignore how does the subject look but instead, how was the thoughts on editing… haha

Original image

Image after post processing.


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