Spending on my weekend


Spent a weekend of buying new stuff again but really liked e buys I got. 1 was a Lowepro Terraclime 100, which was cool because I am selling of all my heavy lenses and this bag would be great to fit my uwa lens and a short prime! There is a lens wrap inside, which wasn’t very padded BUT sufficient. 8 )

Next buy was a pair of Nike ACG (Takos Low) shoes, which was necessary as my shoes were all coming apart already and am ACG shld last me another year I suppose! It’s an old model, as I wouldn’t pay so much for those newer models. Such shoes are meant to be treaded upon so why buy it when its so EXP? hehe

The bag and e shoes cost me 64 and 79.90 respectively. I also spent quite a fair bit this weekend… I really need to stop spending.

My final purchase should be a new laptop as my current is crashing soon…


4 thoughts on “Spending on my weekend

  1. hey… i like that bag too… i saw it in a magazine… but that time see it is too late liao.. i already bought my 5mil… sianz… now feel its a bit squeeze!

  2. Kelly, if u dun intend to carry much on a trip, can buy it too haha. BUT note, it does nt offer much protection. I like it coz its plain and not bulky. Got to protect your equipment with more care though.

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