The Lion Dance (by a dog)


Was at my grandma’s place over the weekend and decided to test out my new Nikon 50mm F1.4G lens. Sharp as it was and a happy buyer I was. Only thing I noted was not to shoot directly into the sun… I felt it would exhibit flaring somehow…

Anyway this is my sis’s Shih Tzu. Fierce expression it had but that was not what it was reflecting. It was having fun and that was a lick off her face only~

Shih Tzu’s have always in my mind, resemble like the Lion in the Lion dance, in particular the Northern Lion Dance ( It was less in terms of how it looked but in fact, the way the Shih Tzu moves… reminds me of how to Northern Lion Dance.

Enjoy my friendly version of the Northern Lion Dance… 8 )

Lion Dance


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