Penang 2009 (06 Aug 09 to 09 Aug 09) Part 1


Took a short trip with my ex-colleagues from XM Asia to Penang, where we had local delicacies to Eurasian food as well as tibits…

Plane window

Group photo taken at a Church in GeorgeTown

Group photo taken at the Malayan Railway

My hometown, My bike and my durians...

Waiting for the city shuttle

Framing a local along the old houses of Penang

A group photo along the streets of Penang

The Beggar, The Cat & the Packet of rice
The Beggar, The Cat & the Packet of rice
These “Beggar and Cat” series are some of my favourite shots during the day. At little India, I saw this cat looking at the Beggar who was having one of his few meals a day. It looked like it wanted a share of the pie… so what I did was to snap a shot first (which is the B&W shot above) before slowly advancing, giving the beggar the perception that my focus was on the cat. I made the “meow meow” sound as means of distraction to the beggar while keeping both of them in my frame. Alas, the final shot didnt come out as expected… the Beggar looked at the Cat BUT the cat wasn’t looking at him or the packet of rice no more…

More to come!


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