Penang 2009 (06 Aug 09 to 09 Aug 09) Part 2


This series was mainly taken at Wisma Yeap Chor Ee and the Oldest Chinese Temple in Penang. Do enjoy but not forget to read the snippets I included in each picture. Cheers

Praying at the Oldest Chinese temple in Penang
This was taken in the oldest Chinese temple in Penang. Candice or Carolyn captured this shot of me and Feli while I cropped it into black and white to elongate the shot. I was burnt by the incense throughout the entire praying because there was too many joss sticks to light and put in each altar… I shld be ashamed that I did not know what I was doing exactly. Kudos to Feli who brought me around to put the joss.

Preparing for the play

Singing as they shld be

The old folks love it!

Thru the furnace
These are some of the artistes who would be performing for an opera play right outside the temple. Some locals told me that it was for the Goddess Guan Yin’s Birthday… Was it? I seriously don’t know. This was taken on the 6th August 2009 but I can’t find any information on the goddess birthday thou. I enjoyed the shot through the furnace most. I was so worried my lens would spoil or melt because of the heat from the furnace. Silly me I guess!

One of the old parking meters still widely used in Georgetown, Penang.
This is the coolest parking system I saw in Penang. If we had this in Singapore, I probably enjoy dunking coins into it and twist the knob OR I would enjoy dunking coins in when I see parking wardens coming by. HAHAHA!

Wisma Yeap Chor Ee

Security guard coming out to check on us!

One of the windows from the inside

So rundown and abandon inside that we saw some of these birds, dead and dried up inside the huge area...
This was the exterior view of Wisma Yeap Chor Ee (standing since the 1920s), which is going to be developed into a hotel soon, together with the Malayan Railway. However, we managed to take a peek inside, in its ORIGINAL form (unlike the Malayan Railway, which was renovated before). It was so undisturbed that it became abandoned till birds died there, to rot in its fullest form without being disturbed.
I wasn’t bold enough to go upstairs though. The emptiness that was in the building, restrained me well enough to proceed further to the next few levels.
Here are some snippets of it and to know more about Yeap Chor Ee, here goes:


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