Penang 2009 (06 Aug 09 to 09 Aug 09) Part 4


Our tram ride up Penang Hill… I seriously wonder have I went up before (when I was younger, my parents brought me to Penang once too)

Penang Hill's tram ride
I loved this image (its cropped, as I only have a 50mm with me)

Silhouette of Indian temple's statue
This was a silhouette shot of the statues in a Indian temple up on Penang Hill.

Overview of GeorgeTown from the top of Penang Hill
This is an overview of GeorgeTown up from Penang Hill… Skies were dull and lack of colours so I did an exposure blend in black and white. Shot with my UWA lens.. = )

Next set of images would be from 1/2 of my culture: Peranakan! My mum’s dad was a Peranakan, so was my dad’s mum. Whao! haha! These were taken at the Peranakan Museum. FYI, Some scenes from “Little Nonya” chinese tv series aired in Singapore were taken here!

Main door
I loved the colours of the house. So refreshing!

Interior of the house
This was one of the many different interiors they had in the mansion. The mansion displayed Peranakan cultures spanning across several generations, thus the different design.

Candle Holder
Peranakans were so rich last time that they can even have customised Candles Holder…. Its a Dragon Candle Holder.. Beautiful isn’t it?

Furniture of the Peranakans
Some of the many precious furniture of the Peranakan culture.

Stairs leading to the 2nd level
Even the stairs leading to the 2nd level needs to be lavish… Check out the design.

Peranakan jewellery
This was featured in a protected glass display in the mansion. I think its beautiful, the dull yet metallic black tones of the material made it look good I thought and probably also because of the nice pink cloth the jewellery was resting upon… = )

Take-away containers
This were used in the olden days to pack food (Don’t think this is solely a Peranakan style, probably just the design). I used to see my grandmothers carrying this around when we were younger. Food taste especially good with em. Déjà vu!

Me, Camwhoring with the Peranakan Mirror
Now you see me camwhoring with my camera. HAHA!
OKAY, this is my 2nd last set for Penang’s trip. I will update the last series soon!


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