A Story of The Image – Old And New Masters From Antwerp


I went for another Facebook Singapore Photographer’s outing today, to the National Museum of Singapore.
They had this new exhibit called, “A Story of The Image – Old And New Masters From Antwerp”

Its all art… not too much that I can appreciate actually BUT I do enjoy some of the concepts the artists had in mind while creating their art. Its just like how photographers try to be original, come out with their own perspective, composition and post-processing.

I have a few simple images I took (one of which is not related to the exhibit thou. HEHE)

Little boy (don't know what is this...)
D mentir-faux
This piece enticed me the longest… no idea why but just pretty entertaining…Anyway, I am quite pissed during this shot cause there was this silly lady who took away the book while I was preparing to shoot… I wanted to capture a scene similar to the image on the book BUT well, got to make do with this! =(
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Helena’s Sculpture
Helena’s Sculpture, A large, rectangular piece of furniture houses several portraits that Vaast Colson painted of Helena, the daughter of the artist Martin Kippenberger. The paintings are intended to stay together as a whole. They only rarely see the light. They form a mysterious whole for the viewer who can only evokes Helena in their imagination. It was said that the paintings see the light once a year, on Helena’s birthday, which happens to be 24th August…. (I shot this through a translucent curtain, because I felt that once you have seen the furniture that houses the art, you will recognize it regardless of how blur a view you are given. Can you?)

Peace and War
Taken within the Museum, where about a dozen of such statues, STANDING, were placed…. I put it to rest during post processing. = )

To add on a group photo by Willy Foo:

Singapore Photographers Facebook Outing to National Museum 23 Aug 09

Singapore Photographers Facebook Outing to National Museum 23 Aug 09




Story of the image

Exhibit at National Museum, Singapore


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