Beauty of lightroom


Fiddled around with Lightroom 2 recently and realised, it was actually not too bad. It’s fast and it gave very decent results. I processed 2 images of Jony and Michelle.

I like the first shot, which gave a very muted color effect. Courtesy of Lightroom. Hope this will make more photographers to lean towards using Lightroom for processing as it saves alot of time and also, it allows us to enjoy photography more.

I will not discard photoshop though. It’s tedious & manual but provides control over what you want. Based on my works, you can tell that I have yet to grasp the full knowledge of photoshop too. I usually use the Trial-&-Error method to get effects I want. = )

Jony & Michelle @ National Museum

Jony & Michelle @ the phone booth

Thank You for viewing!


2 thoughts on “Beauty of lightroom

  1. I now process every shot I take trough lightroom. So easy for quick development !

    I like your second pic a lot, it feels both warm and comfy, like a bus stop on the road to holidays of something…

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