260909 Gilbert and his In-Car entertainment system (not me!)


Had an outing with the SSS group on this very night but it ended real early so Alan and me went on to do our own shoot and well, we met up with Gilbert, who just bought his LX-3 and needs Alan to guide him along. = )

In the end, we were all taking pictures of his car. haha! Thanks for the ride home though dude!

Honda Civic
This shot was overprocessed in photoshopped as I wanted to clear away the background (Somehow didn’t work out well I know, darn~)

Civic steering

Powered by Beryllium
Solid sound system in the car, powered by Focal’s Beryllium range of audio equipment. Phew~

Head unit and Processor
1st time I knew a car hifi needs a processor to get all the tuning perfect.

Tweeter and a speaker
The rear ball (tweeter) was cased in Beryllium case, while the front ball (speaker) was cased in rosewood. OMG~

Honda Civic, his 2.5 yrs old love.

Honda Civic

During the fun shoot with Gilbert, I asked, how much did he spend on his hifi… the amount he told me was as much as what I spent on my camera stuff and my jaw almost dropped. It was shocking how much was spent in the car just for ICE (In car entertainment). Just in case you didn’t know, his car ICE won 2nd prize for a ICE competition somewhere last year I think.


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