Another chance at life


Another chance at life

I knew about an old secondary school friend, who went for an eye operation 3-4 years ago, to release the pressure on his eyes (not very sure of the medical reason).

After the operation, I saw his friendster profile and could see that he was enjoying life, doing sports, going to the gym, rollerblading and enjoying life with his girlfriend. Life was beautiful.

6 months later, his eyes developed some infection and somehow led to him having very bad sight, so bad that he needs people to bring out of his house… = (

About 1 year plus later (happens to be yesterday, 05th Oct 2009), I was on my way to work at Jurong Mrt Station, and at the glance, I saw him….

I stood there, looking on with disbelief… He was in a pair of shades, holding a blind man’s stick & was being led around by another man. This broke my heart. = (

A fine man, who lost his sight when he was in his mid twenties, at a point in life when everything was going smoothly for him.

We are very fortunate as we are even if we are not able lead a lavish life.

To see, may not be a luxury to you.
But to him, it is. Appreciate what you have…

To Weiming, this is for you. I hope a miracle happens for you soon. I hope God will give you another chance at life. It will come, be patient.

*Apologies if I was not able to write well but it conveys my thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Another chance at life

  1. Hey, thanks Carolyn.

    It’s just pretty sad. I may not write in the best english but I really felt sad for him.

    Let’s just hope he will see the light soon…

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