Canon PhotoMarathon 2009

Events, street singapore

I joined this year’s Canon Photomarathon 2009. Phew, my first and a great experience.

My brains were like a fixed focal length lens, can’t do beyond or before a set point. In short, rigid.

The thought process is interesting though. I thought to do a theme like “togetherness”, a wide angle lens was great so you can bring subjects closer to you. I was wrong. Martin’s shot of an Uncle holding his grandson, getting into a taxi while holding an umbrella, with a tele lens, proved otherwise by being one of the shortlisted images. = )

Another thing learnt is, I have to open up to talk to people. The usual me, don’t usually talk to others on the street but for the competition today, I spoke to many ah pehs and several blangadeshes. hehe! Interesting though. It was an interesting aspect of photography, to get up close and personal and that landed me promising to send photos to the guys. I will send, don’t worry! haha!

I will show what I shot for each theme accordingly. Pardon my lack of Creativity.

= (

Theme 1: Togetherness

Theme 2: Motion

Theme 3: Energy

Oh YES, I got none in. HAHAHA! Don’t boo me k…


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