171009 Day out to Treetop walk with Alan and friends

street singapore

I went out to Treetop walk for a 2nd time! and it was tiring and hot this time. I ended up with some real hot burns on my neck, duh~
This outing was organized by Alan together with some of the SSS members. It was supposed to be a macroing session but I didn’t end up with much of those images haha, in fact, more of monkeys.


“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” so don’t pee on us, you little monkeys!


Hopper Hopper

A camouflaged hopper amist the trunk of a tree.  Turned the angle around and I see its true self.



A “little” squabble on the trees


Another “little” squabble on the trees upside down


Come swing with me, invitation from the Hairy Tarzan of TreeTop Walk


The monkey was quite disgusting and sick, it was touching its private parts (erected alright!!!) but I didn’t have an image to prove it. Herman pointed a finger and it tried to lung forward at us, baring all its teeth. It was ferocious!


Yawnzzz, lazy f**ker (look at where its fingers are…)


For a change, this time round, I am capturing more of the ladies participating in the outing (plus some chaps)
Alan, the triad king and his bokeh lackeys Fion  Kelly Theresa

1) Alan, the triad king and his numerous bokeh lackeys.

2) Fion, someone who I met for the first time, and holds a film and digital camera, handed down by her mum. Aspiring photographer you see!

 3) As per usual, Kelly is always avoiding my camera…(Acting shy only)

4) Theresa, the poor gal, whose slippers gave way during the walk and she had to wear rubberbands on her feet to bind the slippers together. (Hope someone really brought you a nice pair of slippers after I left haha) 

Martin Martin's Gal Royce

5) Martin, the Indo-Chinese dude who got one of his image shortlisted in the Canon Photomarathon 2009, what a camwhore, isn’t he?

6) Martin’s beautiful girlfriend (sorry, I forgot her name), who was so nice to accompany Martin on this weather HOT outing! (She came all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia!)

 7) Royce, the dude who always change lenses… He just got this new 105mm Micro VR lens… Phew~ Freaking FAST AFS focusing u see…

That’s all! Hope you guys enjoyed the weekend shots. Supposed to be more of macros but again, I delivered Monkeying shots. Shrugs~

Have a nice weekend!


2 thoughts on “171009 Day out to Treetop walk with Alan and friends

  1. No lah. Same old lens (80-200 F2.8).

    At F2.8 or F4 at 200mm, the background’s bokeh (out of focus) will be like that.

    = )

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