Photoshop Post Processing


Was about to sleep and my dear friend Jun Kiat, asked me to help him edit a photo for passport. I charged him… by posting it here. HAHA…


and his reply was a nabei. HEHE!


Here, I am sharing what photoshop could do base on my knowledge of photoshop. I have not been on any classes on photo editing or whatsoever. The only thing I have spent on learning photoshop is a portraiture processing eBook from Dr Tay from Malaysia. It was for a good cause as he donates what he earns from his eBook to charity. I appreciate that and so the 30 USD was worth the deal.

I didnt apply much of the portraiture processing here. In fact, the main work was to brighten up the entire image, clear blemishes and to open up his eyes slightly so he doesn’t look too sleepy and lastly, to clear up the noise from the ISO 800 shot. Kiat took this shot from his Olympus Point and Shoot (U790SW, S790SW).



Focal Length: 7mm (what the f**k is that?)

F-Number: F3.5

Exposure Time: 1/80

ISO: 800

Not fantastic in terms of processing but well, I think I passed lah… hahaa


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