021209 Web Analytics Wednesday @ Google Singapore office


Just attended #WAWSG event a couple of days ago and well, had an opportunity to take some photos as well as to mingle. I wasn’t very much very over-e-friendly-type you see. I’m so glad Yuhui was there to make me feel more at ease and well, very long never talk to him also haha. My favourite ex-colleague.

Summary: The event is primarily about getting an opportunity to speak with like minded people, but in this event we’ll open with a presentation on the background behind the event and some of the things we’re hoping to achieve along with a short presentation by Hugh Gage on the business side of web analytics.

This event was not possible without James and Hugh! Thanks guys! I hope to attend the next session if time permits. Till then, see you guys on facebook, twitter and flickr…etc


2 thoughts on “021209 Web Analytics Wednesday @ Google Singapore office

  1. Hi!
    I am wondering If I could Google Singapore Office email or email to contact. It will be highly appreciated if you get me e-mail of the google office in singapore.


    1. Hi Roshid,

      I regret to inform you that I was only there for the talk. I do not know the Google guys. You may want to contact the Google individuals directly? Cheers


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