Reviving an underexposed JPEG image you have taken? I might be able to save you. = )



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Took a shot from a friend who shot this and has yet to edit.

A jpeg version is good enough to be work upon, if the right tools were used.

Not saying that my editing is fantastic or even called good BUT this is to share some info on how it was done in a summary.

Skin is good, thus I didnt work on any blemishes etc

1) Skin was a little dark thus I used Diffused Glow to give it a natural glow (I masked away the non-skin areas so the glow affects her skin only)

2) Clone away the ugly red distracting flower in the background (yucks~)

3) Did enhanced catchlights in her eyes… google on that. easy task la~ (I’m lazy to do screenshots on hw it is done but again, don’t overdo)

4) Whiten teeth using saturation method. Google for that too.. easy task too, just don’t overdo.

5) Did vignetting on the borders diagonally (alot of freewares out there does this function, GOOGLE!)

Snap Snap and I am done…. Google is your best friend! I have already shared the essential features you can use in Photoshop to get your subject picture right. There may be shortcuts I have missed BUT well, share with me if you know of any more!

Different image and different situation requires use different tools. I am still learning too! But well, this helped sufficiently in this case if you failed to get lighting correct the first time.

PS: Pardon me for nt correcting away the eyebags properly… realised it after saving haha.


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