Twitter webpage Hacked on 18 December 2009!


Twitter was hacked into, today at 18 Dec 2009, about 14:00-15:00 hours Singapore timing…. The text at the bottom, after Google Translate translation showed….

Twitter Hacked!

بنام خدا
به عنوان یک ایرانی در پاسخ به دخالت های شیطنت آمیز این سرویس دهنده به دستور مقامات آمریکایی در امور داخلی کشورم )
این سایت به عنوان هشدار هک می شود

Enter بنام
Its address Yek Irani Dar Pasokh by Dkhalt haye شیطنت Amesz این Dhendh Managed by the Constitution of the shrines آمریکایی der things داخلی کشورم)
این strona its address Hishdar هک می Chaudes


One thought on “Twitter webpage Hacked on 18 December 2009!

  1. I am an Iranian. Google translation is useless. Here’s the main translation:

    “In the name of God
    As an Iranian, in responding to devil interferences of this server which obeys USA government all the time, in the affairs of my country, this site is hacked as a warning.”

    Text written on the flag:
    “Hossein” (3rd Shias’ leader)

    Blue text:
    “Only the party of Allah (muslims’ god) is the winner party.”

    White text:
    If our leader commands us to attack, we would do so. If he wants us, we’re ready to lose our heads. But if he asks us to hold patience, we would sit down somewhere and tolerate and indulge.

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