Water for life competition! Vote for me if you think it’s good enough!


I just so recently participated in this photo competition and decided to submit an entry which I captured 2 years at the Mandai Zoo, Singapore.
It’s a shot of a Big cat that just had its head out of the water and was shaking its head to get the water off it. I got the motion of the cat but froze the water droplets that were coming off it! (Lucky shot!)
Taken with D80 + Tamron 90mm Macro lens.

Big Cat

2 ways to vote for me:
(At the top right of the page, search for “Gilbert”)

…Else if all fails, use this link: www.singaporekopitiam.sg/waterforlife/vote_form.php?id=191
(191 is the unique ID tagged to my picture!)

Thanks everyone! Appreciate you for voting and liking my work!


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