120711 Jogging, listening to music and photo taking =D

street singapore

I have been indulging in food for the past week, from Wednesday till Saturday. 

Wed: Met ex Deloitte colleagues at Marina Bay Financial Centre’s LEVEL33 restaurant. Uber ATAS for a hawker centre dude like me la…

Thur: Had yummy lunch with Celeste and Auyong at Moo Bar near Amoy Street. Srsly Fking nice. Love the bread chicken like nobody’s biz!

Friday: Had Dim Sum at Old Hong Kong restaurant in Raffles City with Auyong and colleagues for lunch. Another Dim Sum, which serves Abalone Tart (lucky I don’t know how to appreciate, saved 8 bucks off tt piece!). Met up with Sherlyn, Mandy and Steve for dinner at NorthPoint’s Mayim. I love the food there!

Saturday: Attended a secondary school gathering at Hyatt’s Straits Kitchen Buffet (58dollars buffet, of which, I think I only managed to eat 10 dollars worth. I don’t really like buffet)

With all these sins, I must exercise more.

I clocked a 6.75km route today! (don’t ask about the damn timing, I run like an ah pek). While running, I tried to make it less boring so I whip out my iPhone along the way and snap snap click click click… =D




Enjoy the week ahead people!!!


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