060809-090809 Penang trip


This is another backlog of a short trip to Penang a couple of years ago. I vividly remember the tasty Char Kway Teow as well as the ghostly encounter in our domitory… the ups and downs during the trip. =D

This are part of the pictures I uploaded on my flickr previously so it may not have a full picture of the whole trip.

Do enjoy the pictures!

Peeping outta the Airplane's window...   DSC_7559 small

Hutton Lodge...    DSC_7583 hutton lodge small

DSC_7646a small crop

GeorgeTown White Coffee Joint...    DSC_7657 small

GeorgeTown White Coffee Joint...    DSC_7659 small

Penang Char Kway Teow...    DSC_7668 small

Penang Laksa...    DSC_7676 small

Penang Curry Mee...    DSC_7678 small

Waiting for the Shuttle bus...    DSC_7719 small

DSC_7783 small

DSC_7786 small

DSC_7789 small

DSC_7795 small

DSC_7800a small

DSC_7803a small

DSC_7823a small cropped 3/4 of original image

DSC_7827a small

Pay your parking!...   DSC_7834a small

Opera...   DSC_7838 small

Oldest chinese temple in Penang...   DSC_7881a small

Opera...   DSC_7892 small

Opera...   DSC_7904b small

Opera thru a furnace...   DSC_7913a small

Yeap Chor Ee abandoned building...   DSC_7946 small

Skeleton of a bird... DSC_7955 small

Yeap Chor Ee abandoned building...   DSC_7959  small

Yeap Chor Ee abandoned building...   DSC_7962 small

Yeap Chor Ee abandoned building...   DSC_7973a small

DSC_7995 crop small

DSC_8079 crop small

DSC_8086 small

DSC_8104 small

DSC_8137 small

DSC_8142 crop small

DSC_8155 small

DSC_8156 small

DSC_8194 crop small

DSC_8225 small

DSC_8241 small

DSC_8273 small

DSC_8297 small

DSC_8298 small

DSC_8303 small

DSC_8309 small

DSC_8329 small

DSC_8368 small

DSC_8390a small

DSC_8549 small

DSC_8547 small

DSC_8545 small

DSC_8539 small

DSC_8492 small

DSC_8479 small

DSC_8483 small

DSC_8477 small

DSC_8471 small

These last few were shot on my plastic UWA film camera.
F1020019 copy

F1020020 copy

F1020022 copy

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