My story of Yashica Lynx 14E

street singapore, Zion

I took a series of photo of my maternal side this Chinese New Year 2012. This was initiated when my grandmother was moving from Zion Road to Havelock Road due to a HDB enbloc: They found my grandfather’s old Yashica Lynx 14, which I decided to bring it back to it’s former glory.

I tested, it was functional except for the slightly fogged up glass, which made do with a 120bucks CLA. Image of camera is by courtesy of Bobby Lim. Cheers bro.


Inside the camera was a roll of film that was already reeled up. I decided to develop it to see what could have been captured but after so many years, only 1 exposure was salvaged. We could only so much conclude the picture was a reflection of either one of my 2 uncles in my grandmother’s dressing table by the window.
Kodak Plus-X Pan Film

Kodak Plus-X Pan Film

With the cleaned up camera, I took an informal portrait of each relatives with a Kodak Tri-X 400 film (including my grandfather’s urn at the temple) and compiled it up into this. =D

Kodak Tri-X Film

Thanks for viewing!

Oh yea, by the way, here’s a shot of the flats at Zion Road (she used to stay at the block on the extreme right – The only curved block there) taken from her new place with the Yashica Lynx14E.
Zion Road


6 thoughts on “My story of Yashica Lynx 14E

  1. Far out post ! I was just given a Yashica Lynx 14 from a Viet Nam veteran. The camera came in a case but without battery. It seems to operate OK after decades of non use. The rangefinder patch is dull but usable. I intend to shoot UltraMax 400 this weekend during Thai New Year using sunny 16 rule, a light meter and flash. The camera does not have “IC” or atomic bomb logo as pictured but I assume it’s basically the same thing.

    1. Awesome! U got a real nice toy then! It should be good to shoot (Just test shutter speed in case it is totally off).

      200ASA will give you some nice bokeh shots but since the RF patch is dull, 400ASA is probably a good choice to go with (a deep background can prob give u a nice effect too!)

      Good luck with that and do share it once you have developed it! XD

      1. Thank you for your good wishes and advice. I have no way of testing except for the processed film. I will post pictures if not blank but I have faith in the camera. It’s big and heavy compared to my XA but seems like a fun camera to use. Hopefully I will get some quality pictures.

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