Freelance (Wedding)

These page contains the weddings I have shot. You can click on the individual photos to view my works.

1) Jordice Wedding

2) Arthur & Libao Wedding
<Arthur and Libao Wedding

3) Guowei and Lichoo Wedding
<Arthur and Libao Wedding

4) Felix and YuGuo Wedding
<Felix and YuGuo Wedding

5) StarWars Wedding (feat Eugene & Josephine)
<StarWars Wedding (feat Eugene & Josephine)

6) Brenda and Ivan Wedding
<Brenda and Ivan Wedding

7) WenQi and YaoZhong Wedding
<WenQi and YaoZhong Wedding

8) Sheena and Elton Wedding
<Elton and Sheena Wedding

9) Cedric and Vanessa Wedding
<Cedric and Vanessa Wedding

10) Melvin and Keng Wedding
<Melvin and Keng Wedding

11) James and Cynthia Wedding
<James and Cynthia Wedding

12) Eugene and Ni Wedding
<220614 Eugene Ho Wedding lunch

13) Fong and Claire Proposal
<160716 Fong and Claire Proposal

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