Jordice’s Actual Day Wedding (28th March 2009)

Spent a day helping Candice to take shots as a backup photographer.

Started off at Jordan’s house at 0530am till it ended at about 430pm in the evening at Hotel Intercontinental.

As it was pretty much a stress to get more accurate shots, I practically couldnt sleep the night before…

and when I went home, I knocked out flat for 12 hours on my bed, totally not knowing what has happened AND it went past like in a minute haha!

I am overall satisfied with the overall shots. Took about 3XX shots but only deciding to edit at most 50 shots
(I put time to do explore editing because Candice said ART direction is up to me. HEHE!)
However, from this point onwards, I have decided to go with lesser post processing in future shoots, except for certain images which I think has potential to look good with postprocessing.

Wedding cards stacked together
A Ba Gua to pray for the easiest later...
Celebrity wedding with many photographers!
Will you leave everything behind for me??
Yum Cha, no I mean, Tea Ceremony
Aunty: You must take good care of candice ar...
I made you, smile again
I'm getting bored...
Let God witness our union
Beautiful BRIDE!!!!!
Our memorable March-in
OOH! where's the cork!
Aim properly
Thanking his parents who brought him up, till he almost teared!
Let this be our one and many more to come dance


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