190909 Day out with SSS again to Super Import Nights 09, Old Commando Officers’ barracks and Old Changi Hospital

street singapore

Went out with SSS again for some mini shooting. Went to Super Import Nights 09, Old Commando Officers’ barracks and Old Changi Hospital.

Here are some shots from Super Import Nights 2009.
Cute girl?
Japanese's Traffic Police - M3 WAH!!!
Car Modification!
My favourite shot of the day, Post-processed in Photoshop.

Here are some shots from the Old Commandos Officers’ Barracks. It was already under construction, thus we went up by the side, through the bushes but still got discovered in the end. hehe… We were escorted down by the China Construction Supervisor. Oops~
Some backend room where light passes through... 8 )
2nd Floor, where I didn't get much chance to explore.
One of the old toilets, no longer in use...

Here are some shots of Old Changi Hospital (OCH), where it was my first time stepping on this abandoned ground. It was abit scary especially those places where light does not pass through. Thanks to Herman who guided us through this place, all the way to the 6th floor.
Level 6, with e floor filled with water...
Another view of Level 6
At 7ish, where darkness starts to take over e entire place...Errie...
Blair Witch project simulation: with motion blur included. OF the compounds of Old Changi Hospital.
The Elevator system of Old Changi Hospital. Do you dare to use it?...