170710 Bidadari defunct cemetary

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Met up with my photo group for an outing to Bidadari! It was gloomy and drizzling but well, still a day where my shutter can still click. =p

I pulled the description about Bidadari from Wikipedia  so its fyi.

I decided to make the entire series in Black and White becoz of 3 reasons: It looks great in BW, the skies were gloomy & dull  and lastly, I am abit crazed for processing Black and White recently.

Enjoy the shots!!!

Wikipedia: Now a defunct cemetery in Singapore. There were two sections: the Muslim section was at the base of Mount Vernon, bounded by Upper Aljunied Road, Upper Serangoon Road, and Bartley Road; the Christian section was across Upper Aljunied Road from the Muslim section, and bounded by Upper Serangoon Road as well.
Apart from being a place of remembrance, the trails inside Bidadari Cemetery used to be very popular as a running route for members of the Gurkha Contingent. Bidadari Cemetery is no longer in use, and most of the graves have been exhumed for redevelopment. Woodleigh MRT Station now occupies part of the former site.
The cemetery was a burial site of Augustine Podmore Williams, an English sailor, on whose life writer Joseph Conrad based his novel Lord Jim. Burials were not permitted after 1972, the same year that the Mount Vernon Crematorium and Columbarium was opened, which too eventually closed in 2004 due to redevelopment. The government began to exhume graves in 2001 in the Christian portion of the cemetery to build a new town, reportedly known as Bidadari New Town.
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