190610 Night Macro @ Admiralty Park


Took the Saturday to capture some night macros with the group. Very appreciative of Kelly who helped (mostly) to light up the subjects with my torch.

Here are some of the shots I took and processed them immediately after getting home (having some insommia…)

Fashion Shoot

Holding on even when encountering an obstacle!

Hope you didn’t see me!

Big feast!

Up Close & Personal with Kermit

Aerobics @ Night

Suck my Sap!

Green Day!

The art of Balancing.

Big Feast 1

Big Feast 2

Changing into my red bikini!

Changing out of my cricket clothes!

Huh? Huh? Huh? *Stunned look* (Reminds me of myself… always that blur~)

Senang Diri! (Malay footdrill command which means “stand at ease”)

Hope you enjoyed my shots! Thanks!