Penang 2009 (06 Aug 09 to 09 Aug 09) Part 3


I think I will have many posts with relation to Penang… I shall try to end it all by Part 6 at most I assure. I will then start to show my first assignment (kinda commercial but for a website) at the florist.

Here’s one before we retire for day 1… Look clearly and you can see the Indian man on the left of frame doing a peace sign~ hee so cute~

On the way back to Hutton Lodge from Komtar
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Day 2:
We took a private van ride to the Snake temple, one of the popular attractions in Penang.
Snake temple, Penang

The snakes, the blind and the sleeping dog
A popular scene of “The snakes, the blind and the sleeping dog”?  The blind man was rather interesting… When he heard footsteps, he would knock on the bowl he was holding, to ask for alms. To his disappointment, I didn’t gave him any money…   = (

Snakes by the altar
This is one of the snakes residing by the altar. It seems the snakes were all very tamed… I wonder are they defanged? I wouldn’t want to take the risk…


Next, we proceeded to Kek Lo Si (the biggest buddhist temple in Malaysia), another very popular attractions in Penang. The sad thing is, the Goddess of Mercy statue was under construction again, thus can’t capture it. We only had like 20 mins to hang around in this huge temple and I was like running about so I can have a brief view of the entire place as well as some snaps.

Kek Lo Si Temple
View overlooking Penang as well… its high up in the hills… 1000+ steps to reach the temple…. We got UP there via a van…         = )
Interior of the temple's main hall
A shot of the temple main hall’s interior, with the intricate carvings on the walls. That’s the beauty of such temples; everything up to the ceiling are customized. Maybe that’s where MiniCooper gets its inspiration to fully customise their vehicles?        = )

Buddha statues 1    Buddha statues 2
These are around the temple… on four sides of the temple (in the other hall, not the main hall)