190610 Bruno by the park!

street singapore

Visited Woodlands Waterfront for the first time and well, met Bruno there… He simply caught our attention with his stout body, which was covered by the layers and layers of skin! SO ADORABLE!!!!!!

Ehh.. He was slow but incredibly adorable (again? yeah…)! He eats KFC with CHILLI sauce (Yes, I saw it… swear by that!). I bet he doesn’t like fruits… he discarded the slice of peach his owner gave him…. =.=”””

Oops, forget to tell you what breed he is… He’s a Bulldog (aged 2 yrs plus)

Enjoy e shots… some are blurry because of some oversight in the settings though.

Click on the pictures to see the larger sized images! (Hope the owner manages to download em, even though it was not captured that PRO~)