Thian Hock Keng Temple along Telok Ayer Street

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I went to the oldest Hokkien temple in Singapore today! I can’t really remember stepping in when I was younger though… probably it was too many years ago. I spent only an hour shooting inside and thus, sharing a few shots here. Cheers!

Something to note about this temple: The entire temple’s structure was assembled without Nails… Amazing it was…. 8 )

BW temple
A view of the temple from the main door

Temple Interior
An inner hall for devotees to pray…

Temple's Interior
Another view of the inner hall

Dragon's roof on the furnace
This was the miniature roof on the furnace (looked like a pagoda), which had a dragon on each side.

Arms of the Furnace One of the 2 arms of the furnace


For more information about this temple, click on the link here.