290809 Walkaround with ShootShootShoot group for the first time (Invitation by Alan)

street singapore

Woke up pretty late today and had slight headache but still rushed down to Mitre Hotel to meet Alan and his gang. This time round, I didn’t have much pictures to share. Damn.

I don’t know why but I only found one I liked out of the total I took. Gosh~ Here it is. I blended it with a texture of a wall and muted its colours too.

Toilet, wanna bath?

After this, they decided to go to Chinatown. Thus, we took a train to Dhoby Ghaut before proceeding to the next MRT line to get to the destination.

While in transit between the 2 MRT lines, I saw this tattooed chap with his girlfriend and decided to get a quick shot of his arm. I tried to give an effect of crossprocessing. I hope it works…
Ang Gong Siao

I didn’t really get much shots at Chinatown. I had some but wasn’t great for posting so I only can offer these 2 images for viewing again.
Knock before you enter the temple

Group Photo of SSS's shooters!

That’s all to blog for today. Less satisfactory images I have to share… hmph~