Candid portraiture of Sue @ Yishun Dam


Took this candid portrait of Sue while we were hanging out at Yishun Dam.

I took time to process this shot as I liked the angle as well as her expression she had. I have always told my friends… “Don’t pose for me, just be natural and carry on what you are doing…” And well, as you can see, she simply took that cue and walla! I got the shot I wanted and liked. Hope you peeps enjoyed this shot as much as I did.

I did portraiture touchup on this shot as well as cloning away 2 bits of harsh bokeh at the extreme right of the image. I also raised the contrast of the shot so that she would POP.


A portraiture of Raj (Updated 03 Aug 09)

Raj and his M3
Her love of her life and their ride: The M3.