Sunrise at the Merlion!

street singapore

An event organized by Facebook’s Singapore Photographers Group set up by Willy Foo.

This June’s event was kinda unique as it was an EARLY event! It was a Sunrise at the Merlion!!! (My First!)

Do enjoy some of my images here… the EggYolk Popping images will be up soon, I hope!

Merlion Predawn
Predawn of the Merlion

Merlion BW tranquil shot
The Merlion’s tranquility

Alternate View
An alternate view of the Merlion, taken just before our group shot!

Group Shot by Willy Foo
Our group shot taken by Willy Foo’s D3 (no idea what lens!, suspected to be 200mm VR F2!)
I’m on the 2nd row, extreme left in white if you need to know… haha!

The below shots are the the actual Sunrise shots after predawn!

Wonderous skies of Singapore
The few minutes before the underlighting of the sun rays appears…

Silhouette of the SG Flyer and a large bird in flight
Silhouette of the SG Flyer and a large bird in flight, making use of the rays of the beautiful sun and skies…

The EggYolk. half of SG Flyer.. 8 )
The Egg Yolk that we have been waiting for…

So far, This has to be my first actual sunrise, where I waited so long for this underlighting to occur. I would usually take the predawn hours only. Hee!